Who We Are

2 Branches

100+ Employees

70 Units

X-dock Platform

Servired sp. z o.o. has been established in 2011.
Our first transportation activity was in Spain in 2005.

Transportation and freight forwarding company with branches in Irún, Spain (Levatruck services s.l.) and Berlin, Germany (L&V Logistics GmbH). Own fleet of 70 trucks. X-dock platforms in Lezo, Spain, and Warsaw, Poland. Offering FTL and LTL transportation across Europe and specializing in traffic from/to Spain.

Our mission consists in transformation of our values into a high quality service for our clients.

Our Values


Safety is our most important responsibility in front of our customers and employees


We give possibilities of self-development for every employee and we’re constantly working on the improvement of our working conditions


We do our best to pass the performance impact on our competitiveness, quality of services and working conditions

Our Awards

The company Servired Sp. Z o.o. received in July 2020 co-financing for project implementation from POIR funds under Measure 3.4. Subsidy for working capital of the Program of Operation Intelligent Development 2014-2020. The amount of co-financing was obtained from the European Union funds and amounted to PLN 351,247.77.